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Hey there, momma!

We need God in EVERY MOMENT as mothers, and yet it is so difficult to find/ make the time to invest in our relationship with Christ.

It is so much easier to stay accountable with a friend. Sign up for this weekly devotion, and let’s do it together!

It may be a feat to get out of the house without something sticky on our clothes, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t have a growing, challenging, and life-giving personal relationship with God.

Monday Moments weekly devotions will allow you to:

  • Join a community of moms committed to staying connected with God during the challenges of motherhood

  • Recognize that the chaos of motherhood is the very classroom in which God reveals Himself

  • Embrace spiritual growth in the busy season of raising children

  • Learn to see God intimately at work in the everyday moments of life

Start your week off with your heart and mind in the right place. In a simple five-minute devotion, I promise to deliver entertaining stories about my kids with practical application to deal with the everyday struggles of motherhood. Let’s do this!

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