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Hey there, momma!

We need God in EVERY MOMENT as mothers, and yet it is so difficult to find/ make the time to invest in our relationship with Christ.

Let me help you out!

Sign up here for a five-minute devotional designed for moms delivered to your email every Monday morning to start your week off with the right perspective. It may be a feat to get out of the house without something sticky on our clothes, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t have a growing, challenging, and life-giving personal relationship with God.

Inconceivable Redemption

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Addressing miscarriage and infertility from a Christian perspective, this book encourages you to grieve your loss, pour out your heart’s desires, seek God in the waiting, and expect Him to keep His promise to make all things new in your life! The depth to which you have experienced loss is the height to which you can embrace God’s healing and restoration. Erin’s story powerfully reveals how God’s inconceivable redemption is not only possible in the deepest sorrow, but most evident and surprising in it.

Learnable Moments for Moms

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As a mom, finding time for a deep, growing, and challenging relationship with Christ can seem impossible. Thankfully, God isn’t only present in a quiet retreat, but also in the everyday chaos of being a mom. This devotional will help moms recognize how God is uniquely at work in everyday life!



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