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Hi! Thanks for taking some time to grow with me at Greneaux Gardens. I’m Erin Greneaux, stay at home mom of two beautiful little girls who are each two handfuls of energy and fun. Every day is an adventure with these two, and I never know what new experience is waiting just around the corner. I’m from south Louisiana and married a Cajun, which is why my last name has so many unnecessary vowels. In case you were wondering, it’s pronounced Grin-O. During nap time, I am a writer. I love taking Biblical ideas and presenting them in a way that is simple, clear, and applicable.

Greneaux Gardens is all about GROWING! No matter what season of life we are in, there is always a way that we can grow in it and through it. In this space, I’ll share with you the ways that I am growing along my journey. My favorite type of growth to explore is learning how faith intersects practically with everyday life. I believe that the Bible, as God’s Word, is living and active and applicable to everything. Let’s learn how to grow by knowing what it says and putting it into practice in each moment, from the mundane chores of motherhood to the overwhelming challenges that life presents.

Life is an incredible, beautiful, unpredictable, journey, and I am blessed to live each moment of it with Christ. Let’s walk a little bit of life’s journey together here.

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