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Inconceivable Redemption

God’s Presence in Miscarriage and Infertility 

“I’m sorry, there’s no heartbeat.” In one moment, everything changes. Women who have a miscarriage experience a betrayal by their body, a loss of identity, a roller coaster of emotions, and a crisis of faith. Where is God in these moments? Are His promises still true? Can He redeem what was lost and restore the broken heart?

Sharing her own story and personal journal entries from her walk through grief and loss, Erin opens up in a vulnerable and honest way. She genuinely shares about the struggles, questions, and difficult truths that women face in the devastating aftermath of miscarriage and in the uncertain waiting of infertility.

Written from a Christian perspective, this book will help women gradually work through the many emotions in the grief process in a healthy way while showing them that they are not alone. It encourages them to ask the hard questions and seek biblical answers, and demonstrates how God’s inconceivable redemption is not only possible in the darkest moments, but most evident and surprising in them.


I had the absolute honor of being interviewed at my church about experiencing God in the everyday moments, and especially in the painful seasons of life. If you would like to hear about the book, how it came to be, and how to apply it in your own life, you can listen here:

What people are saying about Inconceivable Redemption

“Inconceivable Redemption is a superb companion for women who have experienced pregnancy loss. After my losses I felt so alone and grappled with many spiritual questions. I would have loved to have had this book to help me along that journey. Erin provides much-needed hope for mourners and helps women point their weary hearts to Jesus. This book will bless countless readers in the same way that it has blessed me.”
- Sarah Philpott, PhD author of the award-winning book, Loved Baby: 31 Devotions Helping You Grieve and Cherish Your Child After Pregnancy Loss. Connect with Sarah at

“From beginning to end, I felt as if I were sitting and reliving so much of my own journey of infertility. Erin writes with such vulnerability and is able to take you to the depth of her pain while ultimately pointing the reader back to the One and only Hope, Jesus Christ. I wished that I had this book to read when I was going through infertility because Erin understands, and when one walks through infertility it can feel like no one understands and that you are all alone.
This book will no doubt become like a friend and a comforter to anyone who is struggling with infertility and/or miscarriage. It is often so easy to sit in self-pity and isolate ourselves from others when we go through such pain, but this book will serve as a way to connect women who are feeling stuck and need emotional, practical, and spiritual support during what can often seem like the loneliest time for women.
The biggest treasure found in this book is Jesus. Erin sensitively shares her heart but graciously and lovingly points the reader to Truth and reminds us all of the importance of being grounded in God's Truth as those are the only promises given to us. I cannot wait to share this book with the number of women I am connected to who are struggling with infertility. Erin is able to speak into that with much understanding and sensitivity knowing that every person's story is unique and has different endings. What isn't different are God's promises and His presence no matter our struggle! This book will help you take your eyes off your problems and put them back on God's promises.”
- Carita Chen, Global Mission Area Director for Cru City, 10-year infertility "survivor," mother to an adopted son, see her adoption story video at

“This book touched me, not only as a psychologist, but also as a mother who has experienced miscarriage. Erin’s brilliant ability to portray her raw emotion associated with having a miscarriage provided comfort for me. Going through any experience associated with grief and loss can feel isolating. Erin’s sharing of her private and unaltered thoughts made this experience more relatable. Her process of wrangling with her faith and being able to ultimately find comfort in God’s promises to us, was a great reminder of how we can all use His words to guide us and find our way through loss of hopes, dreams, and loved ones.”
- Donna Aucoin, PhD, MP and Assoc. Psychology Practice

“I wish there had been a book like this 25 years ago as I began my long infertility journey. Erin writes with much sincerity, compassion, and candor as she takes you through her own wandering through infertility and miscarriage and seeing the hand of God through it all. Prepare to hear from the Lord for yourself as you walk with her through these pages.”
- Susan Reeves- 35 yr. staff member with Campus Crusade, mother of two adopted daughters and grandmother of two grandchildren

“Erin Greneaux understands all to well the heartbreak of miscarriage. In Inconceivable Redemption: God's Promise in Miscarriage and Infertility, she poignantly describes the devastating loss of her first child as one of the most difficult and loneliest seasons of her life. Those who were closest to her were sympathetic, but they couldn’t fully understand the painful emotions she was going through. Words of consolation from others and announcements of friends’ pregnancies and birth announcements caused pain, resentment and confusion.
Feeling as though she was the only person in the world without a baby, she was surprised to find that there were countless other women experiencing the same kind of trauma, only no one was talking about it. Hearing similar stories of tragedy helped her realize that, although each person’s experience was unique, every loss is significant. Like others in her situation, she had to painfully walk through the stages of shock, denial, mood swings, jealousy, anger, forgetfulness and questioning God before she found light at the end of the dark tunnel of grief.
Meaningful scriptures and honest personal diary entries offer enlightening truth, hope and encouragement to anyone who has experienced the tragedy of miscarriage. Readers will find comfort and emotional healing as their pain is acknowledged and they are given permission to embrace it.”
- Bev DeSalvo, Pastor’s wife, speaker and author of Return to Joy: Finding Healing in the Arms of Your Savior

”Erin tenderly shares her heart in a sincere and vulnerable way that is sensitive to those who are currently hurting. As a single who has grieved (and often still does occasionally grieve) never marrying and not having children of my own, I was still very touched and found comfort in her words. The truths about God and his care for us that she reached while grieving miscarriage, are true for me, and true for you, too, no matter our personal areas of loss!”
- Kat McMullen, Former morning show co-host at Peace 107.7 FM

“Erin’s journey gives permission and freedom to allow our momma hearts to fully embrace both the rawness of loss and the hope we can have in the God who heals and redeems the most broken pieces. Having struggled with infertility and the loss of my own twin boys born prematurely, I resonated with her beautifully journaled thoughts and feelings. As a pastor, I will recommend this book as a go-to resource to help other women who have traveled this painfully unexpected road to redemption.”
- Tanya Whitaker, Small Groups Pastor, River Pointe Church