Learnable Moments for Moms

100 Devotions to Discover God in the Everyday 

While as moms we are constantly on the lookout for teachable moments with our kids, this book will help us identify the many learnable moments that God places in our lives every day. For 100 days, we will see what we can learn as moms about God’s relationship with us, His will for our lives, and how we can continue to grow into children who follow Him.

It may be a feat to get out of the house without something sticky on our clothes, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a growing, challenging, and life-giving personal relationship with God when we learn to approach Him like a little child. This devotional will have you laughing as well as learning!

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Each day includes:

  • An all too relatable story from the life of my littles

  • Scripture that corresponds with the experience

  • Application for personal life- an encouragement in faith, a challenge in obedience or an invitation for further growth

  • Prayer prompt

  • Question for reflection

  • Journal section to record thoughts



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I had the absolute honor of being interviewed at my church about experiencing God in the everyday moments, and especially in the painful seasons of life. If you would like to hear about the book, how it came to be, and how to apply it in your own life, you can listen here:

Praise for Learnable Moments for Moms

“As I read ‘Learnable Moments for Moms,’ I instantly thought of my four married daughters, who are presently caught on the sweet merry-go-round of raising eight children ages six weeks to six years old. For most young mothers in this stage of life, days and nights, joys and fears, flow together. I believe this book of devotionals is the perfect tool to help them focus daily on their Heavenly Father and thereby have the grace and spiritual insight to raise these little ones for His glory.”
- Debby Jones, Co-author of Lady in Waiting

“Very inspiring, insightful, emotional, and encouraging.”

“This book is excellent, and not just for moms, either. Erin has done a beautiful job with these devotions, for the lessons are applicable over and over again.”

“All of the stories are so entertaining, the verses present fresh ideas, and the insights are wonderfully thoughtful.”