Delightful little garden surprise

One of the things that I love most about playing in the garden is the delightful little unexpected surprises that come my way, sometimes even out of a former "mistake". Our shed has been settling unevenly and the doors no longer close all the way. The project is not at the top of the list, so it has stayed that way for several months.

This morning when I went in to get chicken wire (to fix an issue with the chickens' great escape- a story for another day...) a little red bird flew out of the shed just inches away from where I was reaching. I looked inside the roll of chicken wire and didn't see anything, but as I pulled it out, I saw that the birds had built a nest just beneath in the cover of the weed eater of all places!

Here is the nest all cozy in the top to the weedeater.

A closer look at this little bird's handiwork. 

When I peeked inside, guess what??? Five tiny speckled eggs! I hope the mother doesn't feel too intruded upon to finished her egg hatching. What a fun day in the garden!

There are little miracles all around us every day if we stop to take the time to appreciate them :)

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