12 Days of Anticipation: Day 1 The Beginning

Day 1- The Beginning

The story of Christmas story does not begin in Luke 2 as you may assume. No, the setting of the stage for the birth of Christ begins with the creation of man in Genesis. God creates man and woman in His own image to worship and glorify HIm. He places them in a garden that is beautiful and perfect. There is no sin, no death, no anger, jealousy, pain, pride, or sickness. There was no need for a Savior because intimate communion with God was face to face. There was only one rule in this garden- that the man and woman not eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. There are some things that man was never meant to know, but we want to know everything.

The serpent knew just what to say to convince Eve to take that first bite. The serpent told her that God was keeping something from her, that she could know everything that He knows, that she could have the same power that He had. She took matters into her own hands and ate the fruit, sharing it with her husband. Sin entered the world. The perfect plan that God had laid out was destroyed and people were separated from Him by sin. They had to leave the garden and His presence.

From that moment forward, God's true plan was set into motion.

Eve thought that God had kept something from her, that He hadn't shared everything with her. She had no idea just how much God would give to reconcile her from the separation that she caused in that moment of doubt and weakness. God's love for us is so unfathomable- He would give His only Son, Jesus, to undo what she had done.

How are you like Eve this Christmas?
Have you asked God for something, and when you do not receive it at once feel that He is keeping something from you that you deserve?
How have you tried to solve your own problems without Him because you disagree with His timing?
Have you blamed Him for things that have gone wrong in life, but taken credit for the successes yourself?
What things have you done that have separated you from the intimate relationship that God desires to have with you?

If these questions hit home, you are not alone. All of humanity shares in this curse, this separation, this darkness and struggle. But there is hope, because this is only the beginning of the story...

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