DIY Picket Fence Boot Rack

Our latest little homestead project was making a boot rack to organize all of our outdoor shoes that tend to pile up by the back door. Since our chickens free range, the shoes that we wear in the backyard, are used ONLY for the back yard. So when we take them off at the door, it turns into a piled mess of old tennis shoes, boots and flip flops. Enter new idea for a boot rack to keep it organized so I don't trip over them getting to the door :)

We used some leftover supplies that we had leftover from other projects, so it isn't for looks- just function at this point.

- 1 part of a section of picket fence
- 2 2x4x8 boards
- 3 fence boards
- wood screws

First we cut the section of picket fencing we had leftover so that it was only 4 pickets long. Next, I custom measured pieces of the 2x4 to go out from the fence at the bottom to equal the width of 2 fence boards. Then I measured 2 more pieces to use as vertical stabilizers and screwed them all together.

Next I cut 2 of the fence boards to the length of the base and screwed them on top (actually DH handled all of the power tools).

 Next we cut some short pieces of 2x4 to create the brace for the top shelf. We measured so that it would equal the width of one fence board, and then screwed them together.

 We added the top shelf onto the supports, and then added a screw into the back of each picket to make the whole thing a little more sturdy.

 All done! Took less than half an hour! Not bad for a Saturday afternoon project. I will probably paint it later...maybe next Saturday.