Simple Dehydrator Kale Chips

I'm so excited about the dehydrator I got for Christmas! The first thing I wanted to make was some crispy kale chips. I have made kale chips countless times in the oven, but the always come out just a little singed or still a little soggy. WHile I would settle for that with no dehydrator, I am glad to now be able to make the perfectly crispy kale chip.

What you need:
- Kale leaves
- Olive oil Pam spray
- Sea salt

Start with a fresh batch of kale leaves from the garden. Wash them well and let them dry.

Coat the leaves with olive oil. The first batch I did I rubbed with olive oil until completely coated, but they took twice as long to dehydrate as they were supposed to. For the second batch I used the Pam olive oil spray to lightly coat the leaves. Perfection! (and probably healthier...) Hand sprinkle some salt over the leaves. 

Lay out the leaves on the dehydrator sheets, making sure that they don't overlap. Set the dehydrator on medium for 3 hours (or in a humid place like Louisiana more like 5 hours...) You will know they are done when you hold them up by the stem and they stand straight without flopping over at all. When crushed between your fingers, it should crunch and crumble like a perfect kale chip!

Oh my goodness! Kale chip perfection! That crunch...that hint of salt...and silky smooth olive oil. Just writing this makes me want to go make another batch! I'm definitely addicted.