Pregnancy Heartburn Life Hack

I have to share my favorite pregnancy hack that has made the third trimester so lovely! Most pregnant women in the second and third trimesters deal with a lot of heartburn because of all the pressure from that growing baby! This causes a lack of sleep, which leads to making everything else just a little bit more difficult, when you already have a lot to deal with.

I stumbled upon a great solution just by accident, and I have to share it! I love ice cream (what pregnant woman doesn't?) and I found that on nights that I had a scoop of Blue Bell half an hour to an hour before bed, I didn't have ANY heartburn! It took a while for me to catch on to the correlation between the two, but sure enough, on nights that I didn't have any ice cream, the heart burn was inevitable. I realize that only the south has Blue Bell, but I'm sure that there are other brands that work just as well :) After doing some research I found that there is actually something scientific to it all- the calcium is what helps. Tums are basically calcium, but instead of taking something that eats at your stomach lining, I preferred to eat something that padded it :) I tried a glass of milk on a few occasions, and while it helped, the heartburn was still there, just not as bad. I guess milk just doesn't stand up to the wonders of heavy cream.

For the last few months I have had a scoop of Blue Bell every night about an hour before bed (my husband calls it my "prescription" medicine), and haven't had any heartburn since! I guess there really is something to pregnancy and ice cream- now if they only made a pickle flavor!