12 Days of Anticipation: Day 9 Angels and Shepherds

Day 9- Angels and Shepherds

Think about the delivery room- who was present at your birth? Mom, obviously. The doctor? Dad? Possibly some extended family? A baby's birth seems like a private moment, shared between mother and child, and in some cases the father as well. Jesus' birth was a slightly different scenario. Mom and adopted dad were there, along with some farm animals, and no doctor or midwife. What began as an intimate beginning quickly grew to a crowded stable. Even though Jesus had humble beginnings, the angels couldn't help but throw a big party to celebrate God manifested on earth as a human to save the world from sin. However, the angels invited an unlikely group.

There were some shepherds watching their flocks nearby, and suddenly they were overwhelmed by the awesome appearance of a shining angel telling them not to be afraid. The angel delivered the unbelievable news and then was joined by an army of angels all singing praises to God! Can you imagine being able to see such a sight? Needless to say, the shepherd didn't question their invitation but hurried into town to see the Savior and worship HIm. After that, they couldn't keep the news to themselves but went throughout the town of Bethlehem rejoicing and telling everyone the good news. I would imagine that many others would come to see the baby after hearing the shepherds story, but the Bible doesn't mention any. Maybe they didn't believe the shepherds. Maybe they were busy with their own plans. Maybe they just didn't understand the significance of the moment. Whatever the reason, this group of lowly shepherds were the only ones to celebrate the birth of God's Son that night.

Why did the angels choose to invite a group of lowly shepherds? They could have announced their news to anyone. Did the angels choose them because they were in a remote area and the angels could really belt out their song without waking up the whole town? Did the shepherds have more faith? Had they been waiting for the Savior or did the news come as a complete surprise? Maybe they were simply available and receptive to the message from the Lord.

Are you available to hear a message from the Lord?
In what ways do you ignore opportunities to hear from God?
How can you be more willing to listen and become involved in what God is doing around you?

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